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Top 10 Concerts of 2018 - #3 - Macklemore

Top 10 Concerts of 2018 - #3

Macklemore – Ruoff Home Mortgage Music Center, Noblesville, IN, July 19th 2018

Show #3 on this list was the wildest and craziest show of 2018. Macklemore and Kesha rolled through Ruoff Home Mortgage Music Center back in July, and while Kesha was great, it was really Macklemore who stood out to me at this co-headlining show.



There were a few things that made this show better than some other concerts I saw this summer and those were:


1: Live band. Instead of using backing tracks or just a drummer and keyboardist, Macklemore had a full band complete with a horn section and background singers which added to the show.


2: Fun set design: Adorning the set were fake palm trees, a picnic table, fake foliage, some lawn ornaments, and even an inflatable couch at one point giving off the vibe of “hey this is summer, let’s party.”


3: Great setlist construction: Macklemore didn’t open with a hit, instead choosing to go with “Ain’t Gonna Die Tonight” but the song is so fun, it was a great opener. Following that up with “Thrift Shop” and “White Walls”, the set’s first 15 minutes were electric. Slowing it down for “Same Love” and “Otherside” Macklemore then picked up the pace again with some fun album tracks (more on that later) before wrapping it up with “Can’t Hold Us”, “Glorious” and “Downtown”.


4: Fantastic visuals/camerawork: This is more of a technical thing, but the visuals and camera shots used during this set fit the mood very well. Lots of fast camera cuts to shots of fans, band members, etc. kept the energy up and was a great way for fans who were further back to see everything going on.


There were three songs that stood out the most to me during Macklemore’s set and they were the following:


Thrift Shop: The big hit. Macklemore could’ve just played this song straight but look at the video below to see him perform it at another show in Detroit. With the addition of: the band, backup dancers, this fun costume, and great visuals, it takes it from a hit to an absolute showstopper.


Willy Wonka: This song isn’t a big hit but with the addition of having two people on stage on an inflatable couch, Macklemore dressed as Wonka, fire, and fun graphics, it’s a super fun song to include in the set.


Dance-Off: Again, not another hit, but by accenting it with an actual dance-off, some fun chorography, and Macklemore playing the role of dance-off MC, it’s a great party song.


Macklemore is an insanely fun live performer and should not be missed when he rolls through town. His ability to work the crowd, provide fun live moments, and make the show sound “bigger” with a live band made this a fantastic concert.


Come back tomorrow for #2 in the Top 10 Concerts of 2018!


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