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Top 10 Concerts of 2018 - #5 - Lorde

Top 10 Concerts of 2018  - #5

Lorde – Schottenstein Center – Columbus, OH – March 31st 2018


Coming in at number 5 on the list of the Top 10 Concerts of 2018 is one of the most unique artists in the pop game since she emerged on the scene a few years ago and that is 22-year-old Lorde. I had the chance to check out Lorde on her Melodrama World Tour in support of her album “Melodrama” which I thought was one of the best albums of 2017.


Staring with “Sober” off of “Melodrama” Lorde rolled through 21 songs in about a 100-minute set. Sometimes artists with one or two albums under their belt roll out a 75-minute set (about the shortest you can do if you’re a headliner by contractual standards) but I was impressed Lorde expanded on that length with a few covers and some heartfelt speeches.



Rocking a minimal set design much like the instrumentation of her first two albums, she incorporated dancers, some impressive chorography, and a floating box above the stage that she and her dancers used at various points of the show to make up for a crazy set. This idea worked to perfection as it allowed Lorde’s vocals to stand out as well as the lyrics of the songs. Also this show had one of the best crowds of 2018. Everyone was into the show and singing along to not just the singles, but the album tracks, which was great to see.


The New Zealand singer stopped once to chat about how she didn’t know people ate nachos and pretzels at her shows until she discovered the concession stands earlier that day walking around the arena, and a few other times to chat about songs. Sometimes artists totally mail this part of the show in, and going to a bunch of concerts, I can usually tell when it’s the same thing they’ve said in 50 other cities. (e.g. “You’re the best crowd of this tour!” Heads up: You’re actually not. They said that in the 35 other cities they hit before you.) Lorde kept it genuine though in her crowd work which I appreciated.


Lorde is only 22 and if she’s this good at live shows already, I’ll be impressed to see what she rolls out with album #3. She commands the stage while staying genuine and appreciative of her fans in what makes for an excellent concert.


Check back tomorrow for #4 in the Top 10 Concerts of 2018!


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