Chloe D

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***Where are you from?***

I was born and raised in Seattle, WA (yes, VERY RAINY!) and went to University of Washington! Go Dawgs! I have lived in Jackson, Mississippi (the sweet tea is AMAZING ya'll) and Fargo, North Dakota (VERY COLD!!!) I can say that Fargo, ND was the coldest weather I have ever endured... It's like living on the moon! So Lafayette is nice weather to me :P

***What do you like to do?***

I love to teach Zumba, workout, and mix on the turntables! I am currently teaching Zumba at Southside Health and Fitness. Come shake your booty with me! I also love to sleep (LOL morning show will do that to you), have a fresh cold Guinness or Blue Moon with friends. I just joined a soccer team, and I love sports! Go Seahawks (and Colts)!

***How do you like Lafayette so far?***

I like it a lot! Can you believe that I have been here for two years? (which is the longest I have ever lived in one place, ha!) The people are very nice and welcoming. It's pretty flat but easy to navigate via GPS lol! I like the variety of food places :)

***Who is on your playlist?***

Well, would it be weird to say I mainly listen to WAZY? Because... that is the truth. I actually listen to a lot of 90's too. (Yes, Noon In The 90's is one of my fav's!) But, I would have to say I love these songs right now:

Selena Gomez "The Heart Wants What It Wants"
Alesso F/ Tove Loe "Heroes"
Fallout Boy "Centuries"
Taylor Swift "Blank Space"
Maroon 5 "Animals"
Iggy Azalea "Beg For It"
Sam Smith "I'm Not The Only One"
Nick Jonas "Jealous"
Jeremih "Don't Tell Em"

Honestly, I love anything by Iggy Azalea, Taylor Swift, Rihanna, Sam Smith, Katy Perry, Fallout Boy, One Republic, Calvin Harris... the list could go on. Just listen to my show to find out :)

***What's on TV at your house?***

I am addicted to How I Met Your Mother, Orange is the New Black (waiting for the next season!), FOOTBALL, and recently I have been re-watching all of the I Love Lucy shows. I used to watch this with my mom growing up. Brings back some good memories...

***What's your deepest darkest secret?***

I started going gray when I was 16 and am pretty much all gray now. I have to dye my hair every few weeks to keep it dark! Thanks Mom and Dad.

***Anything else you want to tell the listeners?***

Would love to get to know each and EVERY one of you!! Find me on facebook, twitter, call me in the studio 6a-1p weekdays, and lets chat it up!

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Kevin Case

Hey guys and gals my name is Kevin Case. I'm originally from Omaha, Nebraska. Over the years I’ve had many different jobs but fell in LOVE with radio when I was 16. The BEST part of my job each and every day is getting to talk to you! I love meeting new people and finding out about them, a BIG TIME movie nerd, my favorite TV show is ‘Suits’ on USA, and plain and simple am a pretty dorky guy. Probably why I’m still single… HA! Anyways thanks for checking out my page and taking the time to read my blog! Hope to chat with you soon.

Email me at!

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Brady Austin

What up Lafayette!

My name is Brady (AKA that new guy). I just moved here from Detroit and I’m sooooo excited to be doing my thing on the LEGENDARY Z96-5! Catch me weeknights 7pm-Midnight and follow me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram by clicking the links above or call me at 765-474-7400 :-)

Here is a little bit about me…

Detroit Rock City!

First concert (who and where):
Detroit’s Downtown Hoedown 2007 with Luke Bryan, Little Big Town & Joe Nichols…Yee Haw!

Favorite food: (OK, favorite food right now):
Mediterranean Veggie sandwich from Panera Bread

Name one tune that's in "Recently played" on your iPhone:
Ella Henderson “Ghost”….I don’t think I ever actually had a Man Card.

Last book read:
Does sparknoting The Hunger Games in high school count?

Last movie seen:
Borat, for the 9785987948396th time.

Favorite Childhood Memory:
The time my mom forgot to fast forward through that one part of Titanic.

Current hobby:
Just turned 21 soooo bar hopping.

What makes you laugh?
Family Guy and old MADtv sketches

Latest accomplishment:
Tie between finishing this questionnaire and memorizing my new address.

Why I do what I do:
I've given up years ago trying to figure that out.

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